Understanding the Need for a Denture Repair Kit

If wearing dentures isn’t trouble enough, what’s the logical solution for handling emergency situations when it comes to problems with your dentures? Tooth cracks, pop-outs and other instability can happen at any time and there’s no reason to be caught in a bind. Is it the weekend and your dentist’s office is closed until Monday? Is the problem so minor that you don’t want to pay $50 to $100 for a 5 minute fix by your trusty dentist? If that’s the case using a denture repair kit to alleviate your denture problems is a must. Many denture wearers may not even realize there are such kits to help you with your cracked dentures. Alas, there is. But keep in mind; seniors who have an issue with their dentures are encouraged to call your dentist help line before using a denture repair kit.

If you feel uncertain a repair kit is right for you or if you don’t think you have the dexterity or ability to use the supplied denture repair glue and materials, calling your dentist and getting on their on-call list for help with your denture problems is a must, especially if an emergency denture repair is in order. But for those who are willing to give their full attention to the details and won’t become frustrated with the tedious nature of the dental repair kit instructions, then have a listen to this.

Top Denture Repair Kits for You

Repair kits for your dentures are essential for the smaller cracks that may occur. Not big enough for a dentist call, one company stands out among the rest. PrecisionDentalWorks.com offers a Fix A Denture kit designed for people who want to give their dentures a tight bond. They offer a kit that includes professional replacement teeth that not only allows you to repair your own dentures, but also gives the ability to regain the bond you once had. The end result is your dentures are as strong as when you first go them and won’t affect your speech or both the inside of your mouth.

They offer two options to buy: The “Standard” kit and the “Supreme Deluxe.” The Standard kit includes six upper and six lower anterior replacement teeth. The Supreme Deluxe includes eight upper and eight lower posterior replacement teeth. Also included is material to make up to 50 repairs. The Standard kit is best for when traveling and carrying light while the Supreme Deluxe can be kept at home and used for larger repairs that might require more time.

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Buying Denture Repair Kit Locally

For those of you in need of a dental repair service quickly and don’t have the time to wait for an internet order, going to places like Walgreens, CVS or Walmart are excellent options to buy a repair kit for cheap. Price-wise, expect to pay between $20 and $50 in the store depending on the quality of the kit, as they come in different sizes and strengths. It’s common for most denture repair kits to come with both top and bottom replacement teeth, a bonding adhesive like dental repair glue, and an eye dropper to use when applying the glue to form the perfect bond. Don’t fret as the bonding glue is perfectly safe and dries fast so you can be on your way as if nothing happened. Expect full step by step directions on how to apply the adhesive to the cracked tooth and how to utilize the replacement tooth to secure it well on your current dentures. Look for brand names in the store of D.o.c. Denture Repair Kit
and Plate Weld Temporary Emergency Dental Repair Kit. These are some of the best brand new kits and will certainly give you the result you need.

When looking to avoid a trip to the dentist to repair your broken dentures, a DOC denture repair kit is the best option you have. Feel secure in knowing you’ll have all the materials necessary to create a solid and tight bond on your problematic denture, as well as the ability to add in replacement teeth in a jiffy. If you’re adverse at following directions or have lost dexterity in your hands and fingers, ask for help from a family member or friend. Otherwise seek out a dentist office as soon as possible to get you back in shape again. Dental repair kits are a denture wearers best friend and will continue to be the second level of support you need should anything go wrong with your dentures.

Having a denture repair kit on hand is necessary as your dentures age and may be prone to cracks or popouts. They continue to get better and more stable with better technology so keep your eyes open for new denture kits each year.